At Complete Athletic Performance, we use a holistic approach to address the physical and mental needs of our athletes. We believe that optimal performance goes hand-in-hand with an optimized life. By developing and changing behavior, an athlete will maximize their performance under pressure and exceed expectations

CAP athletes believe in something bigger—they believe that by chipping away at the small things, the big things will come. It’s not unusual to find a CAP athlete integrating their skill work into their daily life. Day in and day out, they take on challenging programming with pride, believing that something greater lies ahead.

Complete Athletic Performance is a national leader in fitness and coaching development. We empower athletes and coaches to achieve the highest levels of success in CrossFit, fitness, and weightlifting. Our commitment, dedication to the sport, and extensive knowledge fuel development of athletes and coaches alike. Ultimately, our energy and drive will to help those who are with us to achieve their goals.


To help you achieve your fitness goals as a coach, athlete or leader


To provide the programming, knowledge, and resources for athletes, coaches, and affiliates to maximize health and performance


  • We believe that goals are best achieved with a blueprint for success.
  • We believe in delivering information in a way that informs and empowers.
  • We believe progress comes with motivation, support, and accountability.