Wed, 12.11.19

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A. AMRAP 18 @80%

300m row

30 double unders

13 GHD Situps

30’ HS walk

300m Ski

B1. Back Rack – (front foot elevated)

6 reps heavy each side x 6 sets; rest 1 min between each et

B2. During rest between sets of B1, perform :15 ski erg sprint

C. Supinate Barbell row x 6 reps x 5 sets HEAVY



D1. Yoke Walk – HEAVY 40-50’

D2. Farmers Carry – 120’

* AHAP for D’s supersets, x 6-8 sets NFT

E. Light TGU Work – alt 20 reps

F. Accumulate 2-3 min in bridge hold

G. Accumulate 3-5 minutes in each split position

H. CO Symmetry

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