Tuesday, 10.08.19

A1. Deadlift x 3-5 heavy reps in 80-85%

A2. Banded SqT rebound jumps x 10

* band to rig like it ties for Assistant pull-ups. Full squat jump up, land in full squat and rebound up for 10 reps.

x 4 sets of A

B1. 30-40’ HS walk

B2. Kb front rack wall sit :20-:30

X 4 sets

C. running clock

3 rds afap

15/12 cal bike

100m weighted shuttle run

5 / 4 bar muscle ups

Get bike to 25/20 calorie * don’t reset from last Rest 1 min between rds

Rest 3 min after last round

1 min hard bike

1 min Easy

X 10 min

* c2 bike preferred

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