Tuesday, 08.13.19



De-load week



A. TnG Clean and Jerk to heavy 5 rep for the day

* 15 min to climb

B. EMOM x 18

Minute 1: 15/12 cal row

Minute 2: 15 burpees over rower

* buildout

* As this proceeds. Modify accordingly. For some, increasing numbers is do-able, relative to their capacity. For others, these numbers may need to be modified lower. The target will always be 15/15; even if shorter durations and building upon.

C. Becomplete

1. Accumulate 3 min in Handstand – (freestanding preferably, not walking around. Partner spotting as modification and wall if need be.

2. L-sit – accumulate 3 minutes ; any variations athlete chooses

3. 5 rds NFT, 20 banded scap squeezes, 10 ring dips, 10 alt db hammer curls , 10 hang scap squeeze, 15 pvc dislocates

4. kB chest / shoulder stretch (lay on back, one arm locked out in bench position and rotate body to belly keeping KB up, stretching chest.

5. Crossover symmetry

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