Peter Mason

I’ve been involved in sports/exercise for as long as I can remember. From wrestling beginning around the time I could walk, to my dad paying us 1 dollar to run a mile, I’ve always been moving. It was through an injury in high school that I was introduced to CrossFit as a means to get back to strength for sports. Started in the school gym with our health teacher and a few motivated kids, and then eventually made my way into CrossFit EXP, where I’ve remained since I was 17 years old.

I continued training CrossFit through college as well as coaching. Eventually getting my Level 1, Level 2, as well as some other specialty certifications. I made it through one semester of graduate school before deciding to throw in the towel when it came to school, and put all my eggs in the competitive CrossFit basket.

That pretty much leads me to the present day. About 2 years into full blown pursuing my dreams as an athlete, while being able to work with some of the most driven and down to earth people through my job as a coach. CrossFit attracts a different breed, I like that breed. People who willingly choose suffering on a daily basis in an effort to better themselves inside and out. It’s been amazing to be a small part of that journey for so many people. It’s amazing to watch, and certainly inspires me to continue on my own personal journey every day.