Brandon Petersen
Chase Smith
Steve Fluet
Endurance Coach
Mike Molloy


We have hand-picked our coaches to deliver the best team possible. Through their own individual experiences, they have developed a deep understanding in their area of expertise through practiced and tested application. We believe the coaching relationship, no matter what arena of the sport, is a constant, intimate conversation between the student and the coach. The working relationship is formed through a dynamic series of signals and responses that leads the student to their ultimate goal. Our coaches have the acute ability to disseminate their wealth of knowledge, recognize the student’s weaknesses and strengths, and connect in a language the student can understand. Our team has the cognitive understanding as to why a movement or skill isn’t working, and they have the matrix of expertise to help the student achieve it.


We are now the unified brand of Powered by Petersen, LiveFree Weightlifting Club, CrossFit Free, and so much more.


We have a small, professional group of highly trained programmers who write the competitive programming. My team of coaches contribute to the development of our programs, but most of the design is written by me, Brandon Petersen.

CAP is driven to help guide high-level athletes achieve their fullest potential. My athletes are my life’s work. My days and hours are dedicated to provide the best coaching, programming and life mentoring. I’ve been lucky enough to send several athletes to the Northeast Regionals, both as teams and as individuals. Some of my best athletes have competed at the Granite Games, East Coast Championships and several other notable national events. Leading this athletes has allowed me to refine the way I think about high-level fitness.

Their dedication and hard work is the core principal to their success. At CAP, your training mirrors your competition performance, and we expect greatness in both arenas.
It’s tested. It proven. It’s time to hold on to something bigger.