Individuals who are looking to maximize their potential should consider CAP’s individual program design.  With individual programming, our coaches can create comprehensive or supplemental training to support your fitness / lifestyle goals.


Athletes looking for custom training programs relative to goals, schedule, lifestyle, ability and accountability.


With CAP's Program Design, you will have the intimate 1 to 1 relationship which many are looking for / require to be their best self relative to their journey. With daily checkins, video review, personal coaching (remotely and in person); folks are able to truly tap into their true potential in this fitness / lifestyle realm.


Individuals will have their programming delivered weekly through our True Coach app. With a full week delivered, folks can plan accordingly and ask questions ahead. Communication can be direct through True Coach via the message system. Videos uploaded direct to the training day allow for the coach athlete commuincation to be precise.

STARTING AT $199 per month. No Contracts, cancel anytime