The CAP Community

CrossFit and the sport of fitness is fueled by competition and community. Every Saturday, competitors gather at CrossFit Free to “throw down”. We banter, laugh, and humble one other with our hard work on the floor.

When we can’t meet in person, we support each other through our online Facebook group, Powered by Petersen. Our athletes share everything from PRs to training motivation. Coaches and athletes share feedback and provide support.

The accessibility of CAP’s founder, Brandon Petersen, is one of his greatest attributes. His attention to his phone—although sometimes humorous—enables his athletes to be in constant contact with him, propelling constant growth no matter hour an athlete trains. 

Whether through a quick text or a long phone call, a detailed email or video analysis, Brandon goes out of his way to provide individualized coaching for all of his athletes. He’ll analyze the week’s performance , provide feedback on snapshots of training, and, when times demand it, serve as the life coach we all need.

In our humble opinion, a fitness community thrives on constant growth and motivation. Without that, athletes will not reach their potential.

Join us. Today.

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