Friday, 11.01.19

20.4 is here!!!!!

Refresh blog in am for first thoughts, strategies and updates.


AM Prep:

10 min of mono work to loosen up


10-15 of activation / movement prep


3 rds strict Cindy

2 rds of, 400m run + 20 kb swings 35/26 + 10 muscle clean and press 75/53

Rest and set up

Movement prep; practice timing out some box jumps and loosen up for pistol prep


Clean and jerk

As you climb, hitting some sets of TnG and into singles climbing to 70-75% of max clean and jerk. As you climb work all forms of clean and jerk and specific to athletes plan of attack for 20.4 later on


4 rds

12 cal bike

6 box jumps 30/24

3 tng clean and jerks

Rest 2 min ; ascend each round weight feeling it out


10 min cool down flush


RX Men

RX Women


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