Friday, 10.11.19



Friday Night Lights at CrossFit kicks off at 5p. Join us!


Click refresh in the morning on this page to update the 20.1 strategy / tips here on the blog. Notes below !!!



A. 20.1

10 rds Afap

8 ground to overhead 95/63

10 bar facing burpees

B. Back SqT: men, heavy double, woman – heavy triple



AM: waking body up

10 min bike 50%


10-15 min of activation / prep work

Inch worms


Knee to chest

Heal to butt

Yoga flow


Movement prep, into (after building up to this moving through muscle snatch’s , step down step up burpees etc)

2 rds of @90%

8 power snatch 95/63

10 bar facing burpees

Rest 2 minutes

:10 bike @90%

4 power snatch

4 burpees

Rest 1 min x 3 rds


Cool down, stretch, shake recover and discuss strategy for later



*see warmup stuff above to warmup for wod tonight etc.

A. 20.1

B. Back SqT:

75 X 5 reps x 3 sets

80% x 2 reps x 2 sets

C. If earlier in day for 20.1, hit this as later session:

800m run

20 kB swings 70/53

Rest 2:30 x 3 rds

D. Row @50% x 10 min flush




Warmup. Warmup. Warmup.

⁃ warmup for workout starts at conversational pace and builds up to the pace you will be holding. Heart rate and movement.


⁃ lots of time to be made up here. 10 rds, 2 movements.

Smooth is key:

⁃ quick movement, but calm and smooth.

Blood flow is key for warmup and prep for day. Get the body active, flushed and ready for range of motion for each movement. This is the most important tip / note to take with you. Following workout, get on a bike, flush out. Recovery starts immediately.


⁃ Normal workout gear

⁃ Tape for fingers like WL

⁃ Sweat : relative to person but keep this in mind and wear what’s needed to keep hands DRY. no time to be chalking so prepare accordingly. Sweat bands?

Top level folks : snatch from start

Mid level: planned transitions for strong suit

Capacity issues: clean and jerk if / when needed. Try to keep moving.

Re – do.

⁃ this is a workout that Many can re so. Whether mia judged it, or needed to feel. Recovery is KEY!

AM Prep of the body is very important. See blood flow above. Go throw full yoga type flow

Movements. Dynamic and static.

⁃ inch warmups

⁃ Elbow to ground

⁃ Down / Up dog

⁃ Dynamic stretch / heal to but knee to chest.



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