Wed, 10.27.21

AM/Mono:Row500m x 7; rest 2 min Warmup: Weightlifting:A. Split Jerk5 sets max of 2-3 Reps at 70-80%B. Front SqT5×1 @85-90% – rest 2-3 min between#Gymnastics:Emom x 10Minute 1: 1 1/2 peg board assents (one and half)Minute 2: kB front rack wall sit hold :30#Conditioning:A. Bike:15 @95%Rest of minute @50-60% recoveryX 12 minutes B. @ 70-80% …

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Tuesday, 10.26.21

AM/MONO: 60-90 min walk (Ruck optional) Warmup:500m Row x 3; rest 2 minutes – in those 2 min, dynamic stretching / warmup+2 rds10 single arm (on side) DB Deadlifts10 hang db cleans10 single arm strict press10 good mornings+2 rds400m run10 db devils press (light)5 strict t2b+Prep specific to session A. Clean positional halting pull1 pull …

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Monday, 10.25.21

COMPLETE: AM/MONO:10 min bike , smooth10 min of :40 hard / :20 easy10 min of :30 hard / :30 easy10 min @50% Warmup:5 min bike , warmup:20 hard / :10 easy x 3+3 rds10 pvc dislocates10 hang scap squeezes with push pull open shoulders10 inverted scap squeezes , head through+5-7 min movement specific mobility for …

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Friday, 10.22.21

AM/Mono:Row 1k x 6Rest 3 min Warmup:5 min bike easy5 min @:30/:30+5-7 min of stretching / activation – athlete specific for session+3 rds5 strict pull-ups30’ bear crawl5 push-ups downward dog10 alt box steps each side 2 rds10 alt db snatch15 barbell OHS1 min double unders+5-7 min barbell Prep Complete:A. SqT Snatch Cluster 1.1.1 w/ :2 …

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Wed, 10.20.21

AM/Mono:60-90 min ruck walk.hR target 120-130 Warmup:10 min bike @60-70%5-7 min of thoracic mobility and rolling out+3 rds10 pvc dislocates:15 bike sprint10 alt lunges+2 rds:15 HS hold10 hang scap squeezes push pull5 squat jumps+3 rds of5 strict pull-ups5 push-ups downward dog10 banded squat jumps+barbellPrep Weightlifting:A. Split Jerk : 2RM + 1 x 2 @85%B. Push …

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Tuesday, 10.19.21

Warmup:5 min bike5 min row :30/:30+5 min amrap @50-60%3 pull-ups6 push-ups12 alt lunge steps+3 rds5 inch worms10 glute bridges15 holllow rocks+2 rds40 double Unders:30 hard machine20 wall balls10 alt db snatch Conditioning +A. emomsEmom x 10Minute 1: 20/15 cal bikeMinute 2: 8 Russian kB 70/53 + 8 no push burpeesRest 3 minEmom x 10Minute 1: …

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Monday, 10.18.21

COMPLETE AM/Mono:2 min hard, 1 min easyBike x 11 sets+10 min @70% Warmup:5 min row+5-7 min of activation and specific athlete mobility for session below+3 rds10 pvc dislocates10 side lateral step ups each side10 banded Kang squats10’ banded side step (each direction)+2 rds:30 hard bike10 db clean and press (each side)5 box jumps, step down15 …

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Saturday, 10.16.21

AM Work:5K Row*Emom – 3 wall walks Warmup:Group Work:A. – quality over timeDB Bench PressStrict PullupsStrict Ring Rows (feet at hip height)2x banded scap squeezes B. For Time:1 mile run100 cal bike1 mile run100 wall balls1 mike run C. Strongman workSled pushYoke Carryetc