Sample Day

Running Clock
5 min bike intervals:
“0-2” @60%
“2-5” :20 sec @80%/:40 sec @50%
**1 min transition
3rds @70% or 10 min; whichever comes first
200m row + 5 hard effort pulls
10 Med. ball squat cleans
8 Push-ups
10 Alt. DB snatches
2 Wall walks

:60 sec couch stretch **each side
:60 sec banded hip flexor stretch ** see video for details **
Ankle mobility **see video for details **

Back squat cluster: 3.2.1 **resting :10sec between 3&2, resting :15sec between 2&1
**build to a heavy for the day
(22 mins)

**Athlete will perform 3 Back squats, rack the BB and rest :10; 2 back squats, rack BB and rest :15 sec; 1 back squat. Once the 3.2.1 cluster is complete, athlete can now increase weight.

21/18 Cal Row
18 Wall Balls 20/10 to 10′
15 t2b
12/10 Cal bike
Rest 4 mins

**Hard efforts from start to finish. Goal: hard effort on the rower while keeping stroke count no higher than 34, unbroken wall balls, unbroken t2b and ending with a strong hard effort on the bike for all calories (sustaining output). You will rest 4 minutes after the round is complete and repeat. Following rounds should be similar times, if not faster. Think sustainability on this type of workout.

15 Banded scap squeezes
:30 sec waiters carry **slow walk **each side
12-15 GHD sit-ups
:60 sorenson hold ** see video for details **


Here’s what some of our Masters Athletes are saying about the CAP Masters Program…

Having someone believe in you more than you have ever believed in yourself, being pushed to limits you have never gone beyond and being reminded daily that you can do it; that’s what you can always expect and count on from the CAP coaches staff. The program encompasses all aspects of our sport and specifically targets the Masters audience so we can see the results of the effort and time commitment put forth. I started this sport 6 years ago with no background in sport or fitness; not being able to RX anything programmed, let alone squat much more than my bodyweight (115lbs). 5 years later, I am attending my 2nd games as Masters Athlete August (2017) and have competed our Team CrossFit Free’s team for past 5 years. I continue to “PR” my lifts and fitness tests, which speaks volume to the longevity of this program and its vision.
Lynn Cassotis
2x Masters Games (40-44)

I was introduced to CAP in 2012 for the first time (at CrossFit Free), and as I was leaving I told myself I would make this my home. Fast forward to 2017, I’ve been following Complete Athletic Performance for 2 and half years, making CFF my home for the season of 2016.

I made it a point to learn the ways of Brandon. Try and see how he thinks and recreate something similar in Southern MA. The way he knew how each athlete needed to be coached. Even when I didn’t’ have faith in myself I could look to him and he’s there to prove me wrong.

He’s not alone though. Saying the group of people he surrounds himself with are top notch is an understatement. The CAP coaching staff is incredible! Being able to work with them directly is unbelievable benefit to my business as well as me as an athlete. Having athletes like Tasia Percevecz and Chase Smith their daily to train with has been amazing and a true experience to get me to where I am at.

Brandon always taught me to find something and stick with it. Set goals and make them happen. Don’t hope, don’t wish. . . simply do. He doesn’t do mediocre; he makes your goals happen as long as you’re committed to putting in the work. CAP has helped me to understand my body, teaching me where I could push myself and who I was in the sport. I stopped just going through the motions and learned how to work for an end result. I grew from it and I can say I’m the athlete I am today because of the program and coaching.

Now as a Master’s Athlete for the first year at 35 I’m going for the end result, CrossFit Games.

Corrin Lemiux
July 2013 was my first encounter with CrossFit . I was just looking for a new gym, convenient to my daughter’s gymnastics school. I had spent many years in globo-gyms pumping iron, wrestling ect.. And was currently on an obstacle course racing kick with a group of friends and could see a correlation with mixing in CrossFit to hopefully just build a little more endurance. Like everybody else I began learning the basic skills and lifts while in the class atmosphere. Luckily for me, my first CrossFit gym, CrossFit Free, had a competitive team and individual program which I was always keeping an eye on and shortly after the 2015 regionals was over a message was posted about a meeting for those interested in the CAP programming! I immediately messaged Brandon to see if it was open to all, he replied yes! Shortly after I began training with the competitors I had been watching for the passed couple of years, kind of! They were training and I was overwhelmed….. Many days of feeling like I was starting completely from the start again was frustrating. The competitor’s and coaches were so supportive with my learning curve and I’m glad I stuck with it! After the summer months I began to see the results day after day! Whether it was a PR or my gymnastics coming along or finally finishing wod’s ahead of others I once struggled to keep even close to. The CAP programming was paying off! I’m currently 2 years into the journey with this great group and I am still getting better. All my lifts are up double digit percentages, my skills are even more consistent by the day and I really owe it to the process set up with this system. I can’t imagine how anyone who uses this program wouldn’t get better as long as you match the effort in your training that they put into helping you succeed! I have nothing but appreciation for these men and women!
Mark Prew
Masters (40-44)


Age matters. It may only be a number– but if you found yourself interested in Masters Programming– you already know that. Its time to account for the physical, mental, and hormonal changes your body experiences as it ages, and respond accordingly. The Complete Athletic Performance Masters Program offers a structured, thought out training program designed specifically with these changes in mind, addressing energy systems, mobility and longevity. Whether your goal is to make a run for The Games, or just reap the benefits of your dedication and tenacity- The CAP Masters Program allows us to help you to work smarter, not harder.

Perhaps you find yourself adding volume in an effort to excel but it’s not going as planned. Or, maybe you already have that competitive edge but don’t have the community or support around you, that you need. The CAP Masters Program is designed for any master looking to compete in the sport of fitness or simply work to be a more well-rounded athlete. Each week incorporates a mix of gymnastics skills and drills, strength work, mobility work, conditioning and accessory work. All while kicking things off with proper dynamic movement and activation to progress through your session.

Monday – Wednesday are gym training sessions, Thursday is an optional running session and Friday – Saturday are gym training sessions.



You can join CAP MASTERS any time! The cost is $29.99 per month to be billed monthly- no strings attached.

 If you ever find that your goals changed, or need a break from training, you can simply cancel any time before your billing date and you will not be charged for the next month. You can join back up whenever you’re ready to jump back into the swing of things

Yes! The coaches interact on the Blog as well as on our private FaceBook Group. Please comment on the blog with your times / weights / scores, while also interacting on the FB group and through social media outlets with the tag #capmasters. We are looking forward to sharing your content and providing feedback throughout.

The nutrition needs of athletes are highly variable and dependent on many factors outside of training. While we may provide some basic guidance and/or examples of how some of our athletes fuel themselves, we will not be providing nutrition coaching as part of the CAP Masters program.

The training for the next day will be posted daily by 8:00 p.m. EST.