Wed, 07.07.21


Running (Hills)
Accumulate 30-40 minutes of Hill Sprints, with rest periods.
Goal is to have power output today. Hard Hard efforts, but rest accordingly, walking down or around, to build system back up for proper outputs.
Rest as needed and note your hill length. Future weeks will call for certain distances of Hill sprints, when possible.

A. Split Jerk: 7 x 3 @77-83%
B1. DB Bench Press x 8-10
B2. Legless Rope Climb x 2
B3. Banded Scap Squeezes x 20 reeps
x 5 supersets

MAP Training @70%
4 Alt DB Box Step Ups 70/50
4 db Shoulder to overhead
8 box jumps (30/24)
8 cal Ski
32 double unders

rest 5 minutes

12 / 9  cal machine of choice
30′ HS walk
12 c2b pullups
30′ HS walk
12 pushups
1 min rest
*finish final round, no matter time.


  1. accumulate 20 wall walks. NFT< but quality walks up with stable top position, hollow core etc
  2. Weighted sorenson hold x 1 minutes; x 3 sets. Rest accordingly
  3. Plate: Around the worlds x 10 each direction x 4 sets each way
  4. ITYWs
  5. Banded Face Pulls x 50; break when needed