Monday, 06.21.21

Congrats Peter on an 11th place finish at the West Coast classic! Amazing showing.


De-load week leading into new phase starting Monday.

Running clock

Min 0-15

Weighted pullups 5-5-5-3-3-3

Prep for workout

@ 18 min mark

350m Row
70 double unders
14 db devils Press 50/35’s
28 db front rack alt lunges

Rest 3 minutes

700m row
140 double unders
28 db devils press
56 alt lunges (front foot up to 45# plate)

@45 min mark (rest til this point from prior)

AMRAP 15 @70%
3 inch worms
6 pushups with downward dog
12 alt box step ups
60’ bear crawl
200m run