Tuesday, 09.08.20





A1. Power clean tng x 3 reps @60-70%

A2. Bent over Barbell Row x 6 reps

X 6-8 sets

B. Afap


Cal bike

Russian kb 70/53

Shoulder to overhead 115/83



A. Deadlift 5×5; ascending HEAVY

* once bar leaves floor first rep the bar stops as mid shin each decent. Doesn’t touch floor ever during set

B. Weighted ring pull-ups 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1

C1. 15/12 cal row

C2. Kb front rack single leg step up (one side) x 6 reps

C3. Banded side step (same leg as c2) x 30’

C4. Kb front rack single leg step up (other aide)

C5. Banded size step (same leg as c4) x 30’