Tuesday, 03.24.20

Looking for minimal equipment work? Check out the CAP_SIXTY page


Starting tomorrow, the blog with include minimal equipment type of approach + no equipment. With current status seeming to be a shelter in place across the board, we want to make sure majority can hit what they can. If you are one who has a full gym set up and would like programming for odd object and more complex set ups. . . Please reach out as we will provide some other avenues for you during these times.




A. High Block SqT Clean x 3 + 1 Split Jerk; ascending in weight to heavy for the day in <18 minutes


B. Running clock


SqT Snatch’s 185/123


Box jump overs 40/32″


Legless rope climb

* So 9 squat snatch, 7 box jump overs, 3 legless. 7/5/3, 5/3/1 etc


C. HSPU Complex

40% of max strict , into,

(-2) kipping at 4.5/3” deficit

Rest 3 minutes x 4 sets


D. 3 rds

10 strict t2b

20 Barbell Bent over row 135/93

30’ inch worm


1. 5-7 min of static stretching ; working splits

2. 5-7 min of change plate work, rotator and scap

3. 5-7 min of foam rolling / lax ball work

4. Complete 100 banded scap squeezes and 50 pvc discloses; in whatever sets you want.