Tuesday, 03.17.20

*Note: we are keeping programming going here, but keeping it a little more basic as far as equipment goes. We are assuming during these times, MANY are limited with equipment. If you don’t have any, we will be posting at home workouts with minimal and NO equipment needed per day as well starting Wed.

* Anyone in need of help with this, please reach out to info @ completeathleticperformance dot com and we will do our best to send you stuff specific to what you have.


3 rds

10 db burpee Deadlifts 70/50’s

20 HSPU 4.5/3” deficit

30 t2b


A. Superman Rocks – tabata x 8

B. Deadbugs x 15 each side x 4 sets

C. 3 min duck walk

D. 5-7 min foam roll


At Home: min equip + no equip –

A. 4 rds

10 burpees deadlifts (use any implement)

20 hSPU

30 weighted situps

Rest :90 between rounds


Above asst work


W/ no equip:


100 Air SqTs


3 rds

20 burpees

40 pushups

60 situps


1 mile run