Wed, 03.04.20


A. Split Jerk Wave

* <18 minutes of work here

B. 3 rds

24 wall balls 20/14 to 10′

24 alt pistols (sub for 36 air squats if pistols are not option)

24 hspu (kipping allowed, think Open standard is competing)

24 dB alt snatch 50/35

*18 min time cap


5-7 min row cool down at Z1 (flush)

* Split Jerks: 3 reps at (x), then, you add little weight, hit 2 reps, add little weight then a single. From there, you lower weight and go back to another triple, but this weight is still a little higher than your first triple. . . and so on. Climb here but do not hit failures repeatedly. If a max is there, take it. If not, be smart and aware of your day.

* Consistent movement her with A LOT of back warmup prior. Loosen everything up, get blood flow and get mobile relative to whats in front of you.

* Higher level athletes, fitting in a 60 min sessions. Heavy Wall Balls, 70/50 for DB’s.

* Cool down flush on rower