Monday, 03.02.20


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A Deadlift : 1” Deficit to 3RM for the day in no more than 3 working sets over 80%


10 bar muscle ups

20 t2b

30 clean and jerks 135/93


Into 7 min row

:30 hard

:30 easy


1. DB SA Row x 10 reps each side x 4 sets ; rest :30-1 min between sets

2. Plank hold :90 x 3 sets

3. Banded or resistance dead bugs, 12-15 each side x 4 sets

4. Foam roll and recovery



1. Deadlift – heavy for the day. Not trying to set records, but get the stimulus at 95% ish of a true 3RM set up.

2. Intensity is the key on this workout. Push the output early to get to the bar and then finish with intensity relative to the individual.

3. Once workout is finished, work your way the rower while heart rate is slowly coming down. Get your :30/:30 work in here.