Monday, 03.02.20


As the weeks go on, we will be releasing the entire week of pogromming on Sundays blog. Then, the daily stuff will be posted each day as well. The full days post will have all the details, where as Sunday is just the skeleton of the days outline. Notes, adjustments etc. . will take place in the current day blogs post.


Warmup suggestion:

A. 10 min mono-structural piece at Z1

B. 10 min of activation : specific to movements for session

C. For WL , get heart rate going and full body warmup. Bike sprints (:12) coupled with barbell warmup and movement prep leading into.

D. For workout pieces, makes sure to warmup efficiently prior. Get body spiked, blood flow and all movements warmed with activation before leading into movement.



A. Halting SqT Clean + Jerk : :2 pause just off floor SqT Clean + :2 pause at knee SqT Clean + Jerk; 3 reps per set, x 5 sets

B. Deadlift : 1” Deficit to 3RM for the day in no more than 3 working sets over 80%




10 bar muscle ups

20 t2b

30 clean and jerks 135/93

Rest 10-15 is same session


30 Hang Power cleans 135/93

20 Thrusters

100 double unders

5 rope climbs

– preferably these two workouts separate seasons.


Gymnastics:(week 6, day 1 from template)

*please see notes on this program and how to incorporate it properly.

New Phase. Week 1, Day 1

A. 8 x 3 Chest Facing Wall band resisted HSPU

B. Find 5 REP Max Strict Dip on Rings

C. 5 x

5 Butterfly pull-ups

5 chest to bar

5 bar muscle-ups

* Goal to be performed unbroken: Rest as needed *

D. 50 Windshield Wipers ( Leg & Right = 1 Rep) (Scale from floor if needed)