Tuesday, 10928


1-2 mins rolling out hip flexors

1-2 mins rolling out glutes

1-2 mins rolling our scaps

1-2 mins rolling out lats



15 banded goodmornings

12 alt banded side steps

9 scap retractions

6 Quadrupeds **each




2-3 Rounds

250m row

5 Clean pulls

5 hang power cleans

5 Push-ups w/downward dog

10 HS shrugs



:30-:45 sec Banded hip Flex/ext.


:30 sec Seated crossover glute stretch w/rotation


:45-:60 sec Banded Front rack


:15 sec Wrist flexor x2


**Athlete Specific



Hang Power Clean: build a new 5RM for the day



Strict HSPUs x(-2) reps-**Rest ;30 sec-Max kipping HSPUs w/1 sec pause @top

x3 sets

**Rest 3-4 mins between sets



500m Row Repeats

x5; Rest 2:45 between rows

**build off prior week, looking to hold 1 sec less than last weeks


BE Complete

4-5 Rounds

2 Skin the cats

:10 sec HS hold **belly to the wall

20 Banded Scap squeezes

10 straight leg raises hanging

:20 sec weighted sit-ups

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