Wednesday, 091918


:1-2 mins rolling out scaps
12 Behind the neck PVC strict presses
1-2 mins rolling out lats
12 Behind the neck strict presses
1-2 mins rolling out hip flexors
12 Glutes bridges
1-2 mins rolling out glutes/outside hips
12 Glute bridges
3 Rounds
:30 sec bike
20 Jumping jacks
30ft lateral bear crawl
10 air squats
30ft lateral bear crawl
Banded Front rack
Lunge w/elbow to floor
Frog stretch
Single arm lat/FR stretch on wall
Front squat: build to a heavy 3 rep w/4 sec count down
Jerk Drives @105% of “A”: 3 sets x5 reps
For Time **15 min cap
100 WBs @20/14
100 DUs
150 HS walk **30ft increments
75 WBs (60+ @9ft target)
100 DUs
100ft DB bear crawl @35/20 **25ft increments
BE Complete
Double bent over KB rows: 3 sets x8 reps
**wide stance
Weighted side lying external rotations: 3 sets x12 reps
HS shrugs: 3 sets x15-20 reps **Elbows need to be locked out
30 PVC Dislocates

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