Monday, 070218


2-3 mins rolling out upper thoracic
1-2 mins rolling out chest
1-2 mins mashing traps
:45-:60 sec Banded dorsiflexor ankle stretch
:30-:45 sec Banded hip flexor and extensor stretch
DB work **light weight 10-15#s
10-12 Bent over reverse flies
10 PVC snatch grip high pulls
10-12 Full range front raises **hips to overhead
10 PVC snatch grip high pulls
10-12 90/90 shoulder rotations
**arms raised in line with shoulders/T position and @90 degrees
10 PVC dislocates
2 Rounds
:30 sec bike
:15 sec hollow hold
5 kang squats
2 Rounds
20 jumping jacks
5 PVC OHS squats w/2 sec pause @bottom
:10 sec bike sprint
:45 sec Banded OH/shoulder distraction
:25 sec Single arm Wall shoulder
:30 sec Cobra stretch
:30 sec Frog stretch
**Athlete specific
OHS: build to a heavy double
Drop set @85%: 1-2 sets x4 reps
60 DUs
60ft DB front rack lunge @50/35
60ft HS walk
45-54: DBs @35/25
Lunges @BW **no weight
60ft bkwd bear crawl
BE Complete
L-sit holds: :20 sec off/:10 sec off
x8 rnds
Accumulate 1 min standing on one foot **each side
**bare foot and eyes closed
Single leg lateral jumps: 3-4 sets x12-16 reps
**Rest :90 sec between

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