Friday, 060818


2-3 mins rolling out upper thoracic
:30-:45 sec Banded dorsiflexor ankle stretch
15-20 Arm crossovers
8-10 Quadruped ext/rot. **each
2 Rounds w/PVC
10 Snatch grip DLs
10 Snatch grip high pulls from hip
10 Snatch grip behind the neck strict presses
150m row easy **strapless/100ms hard **w/straps
2 Rounds
3 inchworms
6 kang squats
3 strict pull-ups w/pause @top and bottom
6 DB snatches **each side
BB Work
10 PVC Dislocates
5 Hang power snatches
5 Snatch grip Behind the neck push presses
5 OHS **working depth, do not force parallel if not there yet
:20-:30 sec/:10 sec rest Thoracic/Lat w/PVC in supinated grip x2
:15-:20 sec/:10 sec rest Cobra stretch x2
:40-:60 sec Banded OH/shoulder distraction
;30 sec/:10 sec rest Frog stretch x2
:60-:90 sec Couch stretch
High Hang Snatch **hip or thigh: build to a 3RM
Seated single arm DB press:
3 sets x8 reps **ascending in weight
**Rest 2 mins between sets
3 sets x6-7 reps **heavy across
**Rest 2-2:30 between
For Time
500m row
25 Thrusters @75/53
35 Pull-ups
25 Thrusters
500m row
For Time
500m row
20 Thrusters @BB
25 Pull-ups
20 Thrusters
500m row
BE Complete
-Seated single arm DB OH presses: 3 sets x7-9 reps w/2 sec pause @top
-Standing DB reverse flies: 3 sets x10-12 reps
-50 PVC Dislocates

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