Tuesday, 060518


2-3 mins rolling put hip flexors
1-2 min rolling out glutes
3-4 mins of Dynamic movement @walking pace
12-15 reps Lying banded dorsiflexion
10-12 Straight legged donkey kicks
3 mins of Dynamic movement @running pace
550/475 row @5 hard pulls/10 easy pulls
200m run
3 Rounds
8 KB DLs
6 Russian swings
4 box jumps **stepping down
200m run
:45 sec Banded hip Flex/ext.
:30-:45 sec Pigeon stretch
:15 sec Single arm Wall shoulder x2
:20 sec Doorway stretch x2]
**Athlete specific
Snatch Grip DL: build to a 3RM
Snatch Pulls @most recent 1RM: x2 reps **Not TnG;rest reset
Every minute x3
800m run @Moderate effort
Rest half the time it took
400m run @Hard sustainable efforts
x4;*Rest 3 mins between
10 min bike
:25 sec hard/:35 sec legs only
BE Complete
-Straight legged DL: 3 sets x8-12 reps
-Sorensen holds: 3 sets x:45 sec-1:15
**Rest 2-2:30 between
3-4 mins in seated split
2-3 mins Single leg hamstring wall stretch

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