Sat, 050518

Join us at 10am today at CFF. Our friends from Full Range, Invictus Boston and Xendurance will be joining us for Regionals Prep.


Strength Template:

A. Snatch to single for the day; no forcing

B. Clean and Jerk to heavy single for the day

C. Front SqT – bottoms up 3RM for the day


2018 Regionals:



Cal row

Heavy wall balls to 10’


Rest 50-60 minutes


3 peg board ascents

5 squats cleans 245/163

2 peg board ascents

4 squats cleans 275/183

1 pegboard ascents

3 squat cleans 305/203

**if numbers are out of reach, simply choose HIGH % lifts and build for you. Can go on past regionals weights and such.

Rest 20 minutes

3rd: (for group at CFF for the day)


A. Snatch to heavy single for the day

B. Clean and jerk to Heavy single for the day

C. Front SqT – 3RM bottoms up


10 min bike

:30 hard :30 easy

Rest 1 min

10 min rower

:30 hard :30 easy

Rest 1 min

5 rds

400m Run

50m bodyweight sled push

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