Saturday, 042118


3 min bike @60-70%
3 mins of Dynamic movement **slow and controlled
**walking calve raises, inch worms, high kicks, knee pulls to chest, etc.
3 min bike @:25 easy hard/:35 sec easy
3 min Dynamic movement **constant & explosive
**running, running butt kicks, skips, shuffle, etc.
Warm-up **specific
5 burpees **stepping down & up
5 air squats w/5 sec count down
5 ring rows
5 burpees **drop down, step up
5 air squats w/3 sec down
5 strict pull-ups
5 burpees
5 air squats
5 strict chin-ups
12 cossack squats
5 BB power cleans
5 push presses
:20 sec Single arm Wall shoulder x2 **thumb pointing back
:30-:40 sec Pigeon stretch
:60-:90 sec Thomas stretch
:15 sec Wrist flexor x2
Athlete specific
A1. Seated box jumps: build to a max height
A2. 4 Slam balls: 4-5 sets **during actual attempts
**Full Extension of the body and follow all the through for slam. Strong & loud exhale of breath as you slam the ball
**Athletes choice on weight. Ideal would be @50/30
Single leg lateral step ups:  3 sets x12-16 reps **each leg
Masters Qualifier WOD 3
50 wall-ball shots @20/14 **W @9ft target
100 double-unders
50-ft. handstand walk
100 double-unders
50-cal. row
100 double-unders
50-ft. handstand walk
100 double-unders
55+: @9ft target
**W @10# WB
BE Complete
5 min banded march
**on top of ever minute 5 goodmornings + 5 air squats
Crossover symmetry protocol **7-10 mins

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