Wednesday, 041818


Week 2 of testing cont.


1-2 mins rolling out hip flexors
1-2 mins rolling out hips **side
1-2 mins rolling out glutes
2nd Prep
2 inch worms + :10 sec cobra stretch + 2 lunges w/elbow to floor
x3 sets
10 banded DLs
5 kang squats
2 Rounds
20 mountain climbers
15 hollow rocks
10 alt supermans
100m row easy
50m row hard
4 sprint pulls
5 slam balls 5 burpees
:30-:45 sec Thomas stretch
:20-:30 sec pigeon stretch
Clean Grip DLs: build to 3RM
**not TnG **Reset every rep **Cannot unload @top, must lower BB
750m row; sprints
**Rest 4-5 mins between rows
**Hard/sprint efforts for as long as possible. Hitting a wall is expected, find your wall and break through it. Can you push through the discomfort knowing you have a longer row at task
BE Complete 
1. 10-12 GHD sit-ups + :12 sec reverse sorensen hold
x3 **Rest :90 sec between
2. DB chest flies: 3 sets x12 reps
3. Single arm DB row + tricep kick back: 3 sets x8 reps
4. Crossover symmetry protocol

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