Saturday, 041418


Test Week continues


12 banded face pulls
12 double plate chest press
8 ring rows
EMOM till 1k is complete
Perform 4 burpees **stepping down & up, w/remaining time row for distance. EMOM will end once you have accumulated a 1k
2 Rounds
15 banded scap squeezes
Monkey across rig or 12 grip changes alt. between pronated & supinated **Those climbing across, change directions on second round
10 HS shrugs
DB Work
8-10 DB bench press
8-10 Db chest flies
3 strict pull-ups w/2 sec pause @top
:15-:20 sec Single arm Wall shoulder **thumb point back
12-15 PVC dislocates
:20 sec Single arm lat/FR stretch on wall
12-15 PVC dislocates
A1. Bench press: 5 sets x5 reps **building in weight
A2. Wide grip Penally rows: 5 sets x7-9 reps
3 Rounds
1k row
100m KB Farmer carries @70/53
60ft HS walk **Must be 10 foot unbroken increments
10/8 Strict pull-ups
**Rest 5 mins between rounds
**1K row performed @hard efforts, track pace here
3 Rounds
750m row
100m FC @Heavy weight
15 burpees
10/8 Strict pull-ups
**Rest 5 mins between
BE Complete
1. Accumulate 3 mins in active squat hold w/double KB front rack
**Athletes choice of weight
2. 6-8 single arm dB press + 40ft single OH walk x3 **each arm
3. Crossove symmetry Protocol
4. 10 weighted sit-ups + 14-16 weighted seated russian twist x3

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