Tuesday, 040318


Coming off De-Load week. Prepping for our first phase of the 2019 season

This Saturday April 7th Masters Training Day @CrossFit Free, 10-12:30


600m row (150m controlled pulls/50m hard/sprint
3 Rounds
4 inch worms
4 lunges w/elbow to floor
**bear crawl into each lunge
2 Rounds
18 Banded GMs
14 banded tricep extensions
10 ring rows **fulling range of motion, controlled
1 Round
15 GHD sit-ups + :15 reverse sorensen hold
15 Back extensions + :15 sec sorensen hold
12 DB bench presses
10 hanging scap squeezes
12 DB reverse flies
10 HS shrugs
12 bent over DB pullbacks
3 Rounds
8 Straight legged BB DLs
6 Bent over BB rows
4 BB curls
:20 sec bike @hard efforts
**Rest :30 sec between
Will be athlete specific, if any. Focus on things that may be bugging you from prior day
Clean grip DLs: 7 sets x2 reps**Not TnG
**Perform Every 2 mins
**Can ascend in weight every set or perform repeats @weights
**Starting weight @90% of 1 RM clean
Weighted Chin-ups: 4 sets x5-7 reps **ascending or across
3 min Bike max cals
Rest 6 mins
Bike intervals
:25 sec @hard efforts
x6; **Rest 3 mins between
BE Complete
A1. Seated double bent over DB rows: 4 sets x12-15 reps
A2. Standing bent over double DB straight arm pullbacks: 4 sets x12-15 reps

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