Monday, 040218

Coming off De-Load week. Prepping for our first phase of the 2019 season

4 mins of slow Dynamic movements
**30-40ft increments
**inch worms, knee pulls to chest, walking calve raises, high kicks, etc.
Every 2 mins
:40 sec row
:30 sec bike
**Rest remaining of time
**Efforts would be hard
3 mins of constant Dynamic movement
**30-40ft increments
**Shuffling, running high knees, high skips, bear crawl, leap frogs, etc.
3 Rounds
5 Kang squats
6 Quadrupeds **each
7 plank scap retractions
5 Rounds
8 slam balls over the shoulder
4 burpees over slam ball
20 DUs
12 PVC dislocates
:40-:60 sec banded front rack stretch
12 PVC dislocates
:20-:30 Single arm Wall shoulder
12 PVC dislocates
:20-:30 sec doorway stretch
Strict press: 6 sets x3 reps **ascending in weight
**Build to a heavy 3 repair the day
Seated bent over DB reverse flies: 4 sets x10-12 reps
**Rest :90 sec between sets
12/9 cal bike
15 T2B
12 alt DB squat cleans @50/35
9 Strict ring dips
DBs @35/20
BE Complete
Every 2 mins:
:15-:20 sec L-sit hold + 10 weighted sit-ups
x5 sets
2 mins in seated split **reaching forward for stretch

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