Tuesday, 032718

Sarah Buckley

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And just like that, The 2018 Open Season is over! Congrats to everyone who participated and gave it 110% each week. Our biggest year yet as a team and we have only just begun.

With many moving on to the next stages (regionals, masters / teens regionals), we want to congratulate you on your accomplishments. We will be highlighting some folks on the @completeAthleticperformance/ @CAP_Masters IG pages + this blog. Follow along and engage on the platforms. Make sure to tag us so we can share your photos.


Transition week:


A. Push Jerk; climb to heavy 5 for the day in <18 minutes

B. Single Arm DB Press (w bands) 6-8 reps each side x 3 sets



A. Strict Muscle Ups 2-4 rep x EMOM x 7 *athlete specific

B. Semi Supinated Strict Pullups 4-6 reps x 5 sets



Row 250 meters

27 Overhead Squats 95/63

Row 500 meters

21 OHS 95/63

Row 1,000 meters

15 OHS 135/93

Row 500 meters


Row 250 meters

**have two bars set up



1. 5 rds NFT, 12 pvc dislocates, 12 banded scap squeezes, :12 HS hold or Wall Press (laying on belly, pressing through wall), 12 superman rocks

2. 5-7 min on Wall SqT progressions

3. Scap work – 5 minutes individual add ons

4. Crossover Symmetry

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