Monday, 032618

Good Luck to all taking on 18.5!

For those who have completed their 2018 season, we will start our De-Load week prepping for one first phase of 2019 season.

Make sure to pencil in our Masters training day April 7th @CrossFit Free

2-3 mins rolling out upper thoracic
1-2 mins rolling out lats
:40-:60 sec Banded dorsiflexor ankle stretch
Bent over plate “A””T””Y” raises: x 30 reps **total
12 Vertical serratus punches w/pause @top using foam roller
4 min bike: **break down below
:50 sec easy/:10 sex hard
2 Rounds
10 air squats
10 alt single arm DB DLs
10 hollow rocks
2 Rounds
8 Goblet squats
6 push-ups w/downward dog
4 kipping knee tucks
:40-:60 sec Banded OH/shoulder distraction
:20-:30 sec Thoracic/Lat w/PVC x2
:20-:30 sec Lunge w/elbow to floor x2
:20 sec cobra stretch x2
OHS: 5-7 sets x3 reps w/5 sec pause @bottom
**12-14 mins starting from bare BB
**Position being the focus
Seated DB strict press: 4 sets x10-15 reps
3-4 Rounds
350m row
12 alt DB squat clean thrusters @50/35
35 DUs
12 T2B
350m row
**Rest 5-6 mins
BE Complete
1. Weighted plank hold: accumulate 4 mins
2. Alt. Lateral Plank hold w/locked out arm: :20-:30 sec x6 **each side; rest :40-:60 sec between sets
3. Bent over reverse flies: 3 sets x15-18 reps

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