Friday, 031618

Who’s pumped for Deadlifts?



Am: warmup

A. 3-4 x 500m rows ; increasing pace

B. Reverse hyper 2 x 20 @50% of 1rm back squat

C. 5 rds

:10 hs hold

5 barbell straight legged deadlifts

5 hang scap squeezes

5 light kips just open and closing shoulder

D. Rest between rds = changing weights. Calming etc

1 rd

5 deadlifts 135/93

5 strict hspu

1 rd

5 deadlifts 185/123

5 kipping hspu

1 rd

4 dead’s 225/153

6 kipping hspu

1 rd

3 dead’s 275/183

8 kipping Hspu


10 min bike @50%





* New HS Standard

* Measure it and also check the box and lines now; since can’t touch

* Get comfortable with this and the full press out to hit line. Don’t get no rep’d!

* 2 barbells; set them up

* If doing it busy environment; have 2 others ready and loading fast. You only have 9 HSPU prior to that next barbell

* Transitions

* Equipment set up

* Relative for those finishing or deep into, but also for less movement even if resting

* Pacing; know you “Diane”. Do not sprint this , pace properly, relative to you and the next barbell coming!

* Deadlift: don’t get exhausted and widen feet and hands and lose position. You will pay for it in later minutes. It’s not a clean, don’t treat it like one when the workout catches up.

* Get after it and have some fun

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