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18.2 is here. Let’s get it folks! See bullet points below



A. 10 min mono-structural warmup @60-70%. . . GET SWEATY

B. 10 min (activation) focusing on hips, hamstrings, shoulders , chest

C. :12 bike sprint x 5; rest 2 min in between and start loosening up DB Front Squats, Burpees, Barbell ONLY clean work (elbows)


2 DB front Squats

2 bar facing burpees

4 DB front Squats

4 bar facing burpees

6 DB Front Squats

6 Bar facing burpees

Rest 1 minute

8 db front squats

8 bar facing burpees

**During these rounds, you will be practicing transitioning, positioning and pacing

E. Clean ; climb to 75% of your 1RM Clean…hit 3 singles at this weight, resting 2 minute between.

F. 10 min easy bike and cool down work (foam roll, scap work etc)



A. 18.2 & 18.2A

*warmup tips : see below in bullets



Notes regarding 18.2

* Warmup: MUCH longer than the workout. During the warmup for this, you NEED to hit 90-95% – get the heart rate going prior to starting this workout.

* Make sure to prep all mobility positions for you specifically through these movements

* Big focus on your front rack. It’s irrelevant how good it is fresh. Following the burpees, things will tighten up… make sure you are prepared for this

* Core + rotation. Trunk needs to be primed. Folllwing the workout, the legs will be taxed, the shoulders will be taxed and your coordination while moving heavy weight will be tested. Do not let your lack of trunk activation prior be the reason you can’t clean the weight. Your “twist” will come from your burpee over the bar (the top athletes) – so prepare for that. Warm it up.

* Warmups for Clean. Climb to your opener. Attack this opener like it’s a 1rm. When you hit this weight following your the workout, it will feel much heavier. If need a round about # to start. Think 65-70% ish for the first clean.

* Jumps will depend on time left and so forth. This will be on an individual basis

* Pacing: it’s not a sprint start here. It’s a hard effort start, within your capacity and understanding that the workout starts at round 7ish. Understand where your half way point is “reps” wise, but how that correlates to time isn’t the same. Much less transitions here and much longer duration on burpees.

* You need to have something left to get through the 7/8/9/10 burpees. Pace will be VERY specific here and Individualized to how folks respond. Many will do well going out hot in something like this and “buying time” essentially; while many absolutely wilL not.

* Set up: simile to 18.1, set is a big part of this. In the beginning, the stress on the body will come from the movement of stations, versus the movement of the workout. Back and forth back and forth. Stepping backwards over bar or turning around? These are things you will figure out in your am session. The how’s and why’s FOR YOU. in theory, db’s will be as close to barbell as u physically can, facing forward and back (direction of jumping over) and will be slightly inside the plate or straddling it essentially. BUT, this may not be what is most comfortable for all. Spend some time in your am set up diamond this all in, so your warmup for the workout hasn’t zero energy expended trying to figure this out. *those doing all in one single session. Do this as soon as you walk in the gym.

* Transition to bar: for the highest level of athletes it’s a sub 5 min. I believe we will see sub 4 as the top scores potentially. With this, you have lots of time. 2 minutes rest is no problem for you to calm the heart rate down, let your system flush the legs a bit and mentally prepare for that barbell. Those athletes NOT as low on the time line, you need to be a bit quicker with your plan here. Again, hit a opener you can make but that is a good weight to get the mind ready for some big weight coming.

* Equipment: proper shoes, knee sleeves, belt …. all nearby for the switch. Some may choose to wear Y shoes on workout, or switch. That’s preference and your call.

* Remember the jams on the leaderboard – be intelligent and methodical with your jumps and attempts.

* Have fun and give it 110%; walk away proud and smiling. Remember, while your participating in the 2018 CrossFit Games Open, many are sidelined with injury and unable to participate. This is ignoring real world problems of course but you get the point. Enjoy this!

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