Saturday, 022418


2 Rounds
12 Single arm banded straight arm lat pulldowns
12 Single arm lateral banded straight arm lat pulldowns
12 banded face pulls
12 banded upright pulls
10 ring rows
10 double plate chest press
20 jumping jacks
10 bent over BB rows
10 close grip push-ups
20 mountain climbers
10 Bent over straight arm DB pullbacks
10 DB chest flies
20 single unders
350m row **incresse pace every :30 sec
Athletes choice
Should be related to yesterdays movements, and targeting any sensitive areas.
Specific to you.
A. Single arm DB rows: 5 sets x7-10 reps

B. Weighted ring dips: 4 sets x6 reps w/2 sec pause @botttom
For Time
35 cal bike
50 DUs **UB
30 cal bike
40 DUs **UB
25 cal bike
30 DUs **UB
20 cal bike
20 DUs **UB
10 cal bike
10 DUs **UB
**All Double Unders need to be done unbroken
**No more than 3 failed attempts, perform all reps if on 4th attempt
BE Complete
1. 7-10 mins Crossover Symmetry Protocol
2. 6-8 mins Lying vertically on foam roller

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