Friday, 022318

For those who can do an AM session for prep:
A. 5-10 min of athlete specific mobility; focus is scape, chest and hamstrings / hips
B. Row 500m x 3;  70%, 80%, 90%; rest 3 min between
C. Movement Prep for 18.1. T2b progressions, into light DB movement into :12 bike bike sprint, 3-4 ads of this before specific prep
D. 18.1 Prep
8 t2b
10 db clean and jerks (5 each side) 50/35
14/12 cal row
Rest 1 min
Another round, scaling back,
Rest 1 min
1 round at “PACE” for your in the workout.
*see notes on workout above.
E. Cool down + white board sessions of your strategy and visualization (dry runs no weight through and transitions)




CrossFit Games 18.1


8 T2B

10 Single arm DB CnJ (5 one arm/swap) @50/35

14/12 cal row

55+: DB @35/20





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