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18.1 is here!


18.1 Pacing Sheet CLICK HERE


am: Prep

A. 5-10 min of athlete specific mobility; focus is scape, chest and hamstrings / hips

B. Row 500m x 3; 70%, 80%, 90%; rest 3 min between

C. Movement Prep for 18.1. T2b progressions, into light DB movement into :12 bike bike sprint, 3-4 rds of this before specific prep. Warmup core, warmup all joints through dynamic

D. 18.1 Prep


8 t2b

10 db clean and jerks (5 each side) 50/35

14/12 cal row

Rest 1 min

Another round, scaling back,

Rest 1 min

1 round at “PACE” for your in the workout.

*see notes on workout above.

E. Cool down + white board sessions of your strategy and visualization (dry runs no weight through and transitions)



A. Warmup properly for you

*20 min warmup for 20 min workout. This doesn’t have to be heavy breathing , but light and sweaty.

**lots of unilateral work while warming up. While prepn legs / hips, lots of single side step ups. Lots of hip activation (single sided), pressing, core movement throughout all angles etc



*bullet Points for 18.1

* MAP Training at its finest

* Transitions will be key for many. Think 39 transitions at :90 rounds.

* Finishing the row efficiently and intelligently to get off and get on bar to progress through next round

* Relax hands on the DB throughout the reps

* Inside leg, versus outside for majority of folks

* Its a rowing workout for the upper level athletes. Who can hold what pace on the row, per round. Round 1, should be slightly OFF from your pace. Work your way into your pace here, versus going out to fast.

* T2b; unbroken for higher level shouldn’t be issue. Going 5/3 early on is perfectly fine for those pacing those scores. See chart for pacing and scores.

* Fight for paces, don’t let up. . . few seconds here, few seconds there, through all these transitions and rounds; you will end with reps on the table.

* You guys have built out to a workout like this PERFECTLY. Trust in your training and what you are capable of.

* Have some fun out there

* Make it hurt!

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