Friday, 021618

De-Load Week cont.

:30-:40 sec Banded dorsiflexor ankle stretch
12 Quadruped ext/rot.
12 Arm crossovers
12 Lying hip flexor pulls
12 Push-up scap retractions
12 Behind the neck snatch grip PVC strict press
3 Rounds
20 mountain climber
15 jumping jacks **straight arms
10 air squats
5 V-ups
100m row **sprint
**Rest :30 sec between rounds
:15 sec cobra stretch
:15 lunge w/elbow to the floor
:15 sec child pose
x3 RNDs
15 PVC dislocates
:15 sec supinated grip hang
x2 RNDs
A. Snatch: 2 reps @80%; Every :90 sec x8 sets
**Reps do not have to be Touch n’ Go
**Percentage is off of 1RM
B. OHS: building to a heavy 3 rep w/tempo 3.3.x.1
(12 mins)
**Perform sets of three from the start and for every set as you ascending in weight
**Not looking for volume in weight, but volume in reps
**Smaller jumps than usual and focus on positioning
**Today won’t be a true heavy, do not exceed 12 mins
Thrusters @95/63
20 GHD sit-ups
Thrusters @65/45
15 GHD sit-ups
BE Complete
1.1 Straight legged DLs: x9-12 reps
1.2 Banded side steps x14-18
x3 sets
2. Banded adductor pulls: 3 sets x12-15 reps

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