Tuesday, 021318

De-Load week cont.


12 Banded DLs
12 alt supermans
12 banded scap squeezes
12 ring rows **slight angle
3 rounds
250m row w/10 easy pulls + 5 hard pulls
20 mountain climbes
10 alt single arm hanging kb cleans
5 push-ups w/downward dog
BB Work
2 Rounds
5 straight legged DLs
5 bent over rows
5 HPC cleans
5 back rack forward elbow rotations
:60 sec Banded front rack stretch (30 sec stretch + 5 banded contractions)
:30 sec Lying glute crossover
:20 sec Single arm lat/FR stretch on wall x2 sets **Each
A. Hang Power Clean: build to heavy 5 reps **TnG
**Athlete can pause in front rack position during cleans but no pausing in hang
(14 mins)
B. 3 Hang Clean Pulls @105% of “A”: Every :90 sec x3 sets
500m Row; Rest 2:15 between
**Hard Efforts throughout
**For those who have done these in past programming. Look to hold 1-2 sec off from previous best repeats
7-10 mins walking on HS
**For those who can have fun and get creative
BE Complete
1. Alt. seated Arnold presses: 3 sets x12-16 reps
2. Bent over DB pullbacks: 3 sets x10-12 reps
3. Lying banded dorsiflexion: 3 sets x12-15 reps

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