Wed, 020718

2 sessions, break how you see etc


a. 3 positional Snatch; 2 second pause each position; to max for the day. Athlete choose to start high or low

b. OHS – climb to 5rm for the day but only in 5 sets once at 70%

c. Snatch grip SLDL – pulling into hip. StYibwr over bar (in front), even at finish



Amrap 12 @80%

Row 400m

14 ghd sit-ups

30’ dB single Arm oh lunge

14 alt single leg step up

30’ db single arm ph kinds

Rest 5 min

12 min clock

:30 hard :30 easy rower



1. athlete specific gymnastic focus

2. Scap work with change plates

3. Weighted rows

4. Crossover symmetry

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