Wednesday, 013018


1-2 min rolling out glutes
:15-:25 sec Seated crossover glute stretch w/rotation **each
12 Lying hip flexor pulls
16 Alt banded side steps
12 banded goodmorings
16 glute bridges TnG w/ pause @top
250m row
60ft dynamic movement
x4 sets
**Dynamic movement, athletes choice. Actively moving for 60ft
inch worms, lunges, shuffling, skips, etc.
3 Rounds
8 KB straight legged DLs **increase load every round
4 burpees stepping down & up
8 Hollow rocks
:30 sec frog stretch
:20 sec Pigeon stretch
:10 sec active hold @bottom of squat
x2 sets
:20 sec/:05 rest Prone pec stretch x2 **each
:20-:30 sec Wall squat stretch
3 Positional Snatch Pulls @90-93% of 1RM: Every :90 sec x8 sets
**Floor, Knee height, Hip
**Percentage from most recent 1RM Snatch
**straps are allowed
1 Banded snatch grip DL w/7 sec decent; Every minute x8 sets
**Percentage @80-83% of 1RM snatch
Every 3 mins
15/12 cal
12 alt DB snatches @50/35
9 burpees over DBs **Open standards
**These are not sprints. Attacking @ a hard effort pace but a sustainable pace for all
DBs @35/20
Modify cals as needed
BE Complete
1.1 6 alt TGUs
1.2 15 Weighted sit-ups
x4 sets
2. 5-7 mins working on HS walks
3. 3-4 mins Lying vertical on foam roller

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