Wednesday, 012418


1500m row @2:05/:2:15-2:20



15 Banded DLs

12 Single leg banded hip flexor pulls


12 hollow rocks




10 KB DLs

20 Mountain climbers

30ft BKWD bear crawl

4 burpees **Open standards


8 Russian KB swings

6 goblet lunges

4 Box jumps **stepping down

20 Jumping jack **straight arms

10 HS shrugs on wall/:12 sec hold




:30 sec Pigeon stretch

:20 sec Seated crossover glute stretch w/rotation


:30 sec Wall squat stretch


:20-:30 sec Doorway stretch



A1. DLs: 4 sets x7-10 reps TnG @@53-57%


A2. Ascending forward bounding x3 jumps

**Three separate height, slightly higher than prior



For Time

60/48 Cal row

30 T2B

30ft DB Front rack walking lunge @50/35

90ft HS walk **30ft increments

30ft DB front rack lunge

30 Burpee box jumps over 20’’/16

**DBs can be held as you would in the Open


50/42 cal row

25 T2B

25ft DB front rack walking lunges @35/20

50ft DB bear crawl **25ft increment

25ft DB front rack walking lunges

25 Burpee touches

**DB Bear Crawl: Athlete will hold DBS in hands while perform the four legged walk


BE Complete

1. One handed plate push Accumulate 180 feet **total **Alt arms every 30ft

2. Accumulate 3 min L-sit hold

3. 3-4 min rolling/stretching hip flexors

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