Wednesday, 011718


2-3 mins rolling out upper thoracic/scaps
1-2 mins rolling out chest **Lightly
12 scap retraction **in plank position
12 scap squeezes **Ring rows
10 Quadruped **each
12 Lying single arm DB serratus punches
12 vertical serratus punches w/foam roller
1 min bike: :05 sec hard/:10 sec easy
2  min bike: 12 sec sprint/:48 sec coast
3 Rounds
10 PVC strict presses
5 box jumps **stepping down
10 air squats
5 KB swings w/pause @top
10 hollow rocks
5 strict pull-ups **3rd round going into kipping only
Banded OH/shoulder distraction :15 sec stertch/5 scap retractions against band (pulling of the band with shoulders/scaps
x3 sets **each
Single arm Wall shoulder :20 sec stretch/:05 sec release x2 **each
:20 sec Lunge w/elbow to floor **each
:20 sec Frog stretch
x2 sets
A. Snatch Grip Jerk: build to a heavy single w/:07 sec. pause OH
**Behind the neck push jerk
**Once BB is OH & legs are locked out, begin the hold
(17 mins)
B. Double alt. OH DB Press: 3 sets x8-12 reps
**Starting position is both arms locked out over head. Keeping one arm locked out, lower opposing arm and press. Alternating back in forth till all 8-12 reps are completed.
AMRAP 9 **@Competitioin pace
6 Box jumps @24/20
9 Front squats @115/83
12 T2B
6 Box jumps
9 Front squats
12 C2B
55+: @100/68
**Modify box jumps as needed, step down
BE Complete 
1. Alt Floor DB bench presses: 3 sets x12-16 reps
**Same as “B”
**Lying flat on floor
2. 40 banded scap squeezes: x3 sets; Rest :90 sec between
3. :30 sec of PVC dislocates: x4 sets; 60 sec between

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