Saturday, 011318


1-2 mins rolling out upper thoracic
10 Quadruped ext/rot. **each
12 Push-up scap retractions
12 Serratus wall slides with foam roller
12-15 Glute bridges
1 min bike: :20 sec easy/:10 sec hard
10 knee pulls to chest
10 heel pulls ot butt
2 min bike: :25 sec hard/:35 sec hard
2 Rounds
30ft running high kees
30ft leap frog
7 BB push presses
7 HS shrugs **belly to the wall
:40 sec Banded OH/shoulder distraction
:20-:30 sec Lying child pose stretch
:15-:20 sec hang **shoulders & hands in line
:30 sec pigeon stretch
Split Jerk: build to a heavy 3 rep & 1 rep
**No failures on 3 rep attempts, no forcing weight, no pressing of the BB.
**1 Rep can skate that line, but similar rules as 3 rep. No pressing out of the BB, no forcing a saved rep. no more than two misses at 1 rep
(18 mins)
Rowing invtervals
750m row @hard efforts
x4 ;Rest 4 mins between rows
Following final row directly into
7 min bike @Z1 efforts **talk test
BE Complete
4 Rounds NFT
8-12 bent over B.B. rows
30ft OH Yoke walk **can use weighted BB for a sub
3 forward bounding @same height across for all 4 RNDs
**Should be @string height but no hesitation when performing

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