Friday, 122917

Wrapping up our transition week. Our next phase kicks off Monday and leads into a Regionals Mock weekend to follow. Newer folks joining us, Monday is a great time to start.



A. Hang Snatch (from the hip) 5RM + 1RM

B. 4 Front SqT’s + Jerk – build to max


A. 1-2 strict muscle ups + 3-4 kipping muscle ups + double the ring dips x 5 sets


Running clock

1k row

35 t2b

50 thrusters 75/53

35 c2b pull-ups

Rest 5 min


Front squats 155/108

60′ hs walk

Burpees over bar

Ghd sit-ups


A. Belly to wall hs hold :20 x 5

B. 3 x 7 heavy barbell row

C. 3 sets of 6-8 db sa row

D. Crossover symmetry

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