Wed, 122717

Don’t let winter stop you from getting outside! Our running program will continue through winter. True form or variation would be ideal, but treadmill will suffice. Those who want to continue progress, feel free to continue to hit sessions outside; but be safe.


Transition week continues.


A. Weighted Pull-ups 5 x 5 ; ascending or across, but all sets on heavy side; every :90

B. Weighted Ring Dips 5 x 5; heavy across; every :90

C. running clock

3 rds

7 rope climbs

55 double unders

25 ohs 115/83

rest 10 min

75 russian kb swings 70/53

50 box jumps (step down) 30/24

25 shoulder to overhead 185/113



A. Jerk drive 5×5@90% of FS


8-10 reps of DB SA Row x 4-5 sets


reverse hyper 4 x 15 at near 30% of back SqT


crossover symmetry / scap protocol

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