Wed, 122017

De-Load Week(s) ; leading through the holidays and into our Regionals Mock weekend and the start of our 2018 Competition Phase


A. Clean to Heavy Single ; athlete welcome to chose position they are strongest from.

B. OHS – to heavy single @43X1

C. Afap

50 thrusters 95/63

1k row

15/12 muscle ups

50 clean and jerks

500m row

10/8 muscle ups

D. Becomplete:

Banded near crawl, sprints, leap frogs etc. partner work


20 tgu alt arms (light)


3 rds

15 PVC dislocates

25 banded Scap squeezes

15 plank elbow to hand walks (start on elbows in plank walk one arm at a time to push-up position and back to elbows etc)

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