Friday, 112417


Dynamic Prep
30ft increments:
walking calve raise
walking on heels
walking on toes/ball of foot
knee pulls to chest
heel pulls to butt
Dynamic Activation
30ft increments:
running high knees
Small hops
running butting kick
large bunny hops
shuffle **both directions
single leg hops **both sides
2 min bike intervals:
:45 sec @80%
:15 sec @60%
2 Rounds
8 alt hang kb squat cleans
30ft leap frog
4 strict pulls-ups
5 burpee touches
2 min bike intervals:
:15 sec @90+%
:45 sec easy
Banded front stretch :15 sec stretch/5 pulls against the band x3 sets **each
Frog stretch :30 sec
Wall squat stretch :30-:40 sec
Kneeling dorsiflexion stretch
Wrist flexor :15-:20 sec
Double forward bounding + forward broad jump: building in height on bounding
**12 mins (no more)
Bottom up Front Squats: build to a heavy 3 rep
**reset every time, not TnG reps here
**BB should be @a height where hip crease is just below parallel. You should not be bottoming out in your squat
For Time
Bar Muscle ups
Back squat @205/123 **from floor
45-49: @185/113
50-54: @155/103
For Time
4 Rounds
7 lateral burpees over BB
7 C2B
7 Front squat @155/103
BE Complete
1. 16-20 alt weighted step ups:
12 wide grip inverted rows **feet on box, can do weighted for some
x 3 sets
2. 7 mins of Crossover Symmetry Protocol
3. 5-7 mins of stretching/foam rolling lower body

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