Wednesday, 111517


2-3 mins rolling out upper thoracic
Wrist flexor :20 sec
Wrist Extensor :20 sec
Individual finger flexor :5 sec **each
**pull pack on each individual fingers as your would for the wrist flexor
10 Knee pulls to chest
10 heels pulls to butt
2 Rounds
10 seated leg extension
7 hang squats
450m row **90m easy/60m hard pulls
3 rounds
8 push-ups
6 alt KB squat cleans **start @26/18 **increase load every round
4 KB swings w/pause OH
Back squat/OH Work
3 Rounds
:12 sec bike @hard effort
5 BB back squats
1 wall walk w/5 belly to the wall HS shrugs or :05 sec hold
Banded dorsiflexor ankle stretch :30 sec **each
Banded hip Flex/ext. :40-:60 sec
Seated crossover glute stretch w/rotation :20 sec **each
Prone pec stretch :20 sec x2 **each
Back squat: 5 sets x3-5 reps @87%
**percentage is off your 1 rep
**explosive standing up, stand as if it was 90+%
**a gap of reps, for athlete specific. Reps should be tough but not sacrificing positioning.
**percentage is a number does not take in account how the body feels for the day. Strive for 5 reps, but 3 or 4 reps are options.
Opt. 1
Strict HSPUs **belly to wall: 2 sets x(-2) reps
**Rest 3 mins between
Opt. 2
A1. DB strict press: 3 sets x8-12 reps
A.2 Tucked Wall HS Holds: 3 sets x:10-:12 sec
**Rest 2 mins between
Opt. 3
A1. DB strict press: 3 sets x8-12 reps
A2. Belly to the wall HS hold: 3 sets x:15-:18 sec
**Rest 2 mins between
12 alt hang DB snatches @50/35
12/9 cal bike
x2; rest 1 min between rounds
**Athletes will continue were they left off from previous AMRAP.
**If an athlete ends on bike, make sure to stop handles completely @ time cap.
**Score is will be total rounds
55+: DBs @35/20
Rest 4 mins
12 OHS @95/63
12/9 cal row
x2; rest 1 min between
**Athletes will continue were they left off from previous AMRAP.
50-54: BB @75/53
55+: Front squat @95
BE Complete
1. Tucked Wall HS Holds: 3 sets x:15-:18 sec
**for those who did Opt 1 of HSPUs ONLY
2. Bent over DB flies: 3 sets x12 reps
**Thumbs pointing in
3. 14-16 alt. TGUs **Movement/position focused

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